top main page ON STAGE: Since Argies has been many years on the stage, it is not easy to determine the exact number of concerts they offered. They shared the stage with Die Toten Hosen on twele occasions, seven times in Argentina and five times during their European tour in 2002 and 2018. Besides Argies have played together with Iron Maiden, Bad Religion, Agnostic Front, Suicidal Tendencies, The Damned, GBH, TV Smith, The Vibrators, Last Resort, The Exploited, Ska-p, Anti Flag, Millencolin, Poison Idea, The Slackers, The Business, Oi Polloi, The Lurkers,Toy Dolls, MDC (Millons Dead Cops), Anti Nowhere League, Total Chaos, Disorder, Conflict, US Bombs, Nomeansno, Deadline, Against Me, Dritte Wahl, Terrorgruppe, Restarts, The Adicts, Die Lokalmatadore, Los Fastidios, Klasse Kriminale, Sick on the bus, Guitar Gangsters, Fermín Muguruza (ex Negu Gorriak y Kortatu), and many more. SOME FESTIVALS: Rebellion Festival 2013, 2014, 2016, 2018 (Blackpool, UK)                          Holiday Punk Fest 2013 (Slovenia) Top Fest 2013 (Piestany, Slovakia)                                       Resist to Exist 2012 + 2013 (Berlin, Germany) Force Attack 2003 + 2010 (Rostock, Germany)                                Mighty Festival 2010 (Tabor, Czech Rep) Pod Parou Festival 2010 + 2011 + 2012 + 2013 (M. Trebova, Czech Rep)    Festival Kult 2010 (Veltheim, Germany) Ritam Evrope Fest 2011 (Novi Sad, Serbia)                                 6th Antifa Fest 2011 (Geneve, Switzerland) Park Barangay Fest 2011 (Manila, Philippines)           Pasir Ris Holiday Camp Fest 2011 (Singapore City, Singapore) Mayday 3 Fest 2011 (Purwokerto, Indonesia)             Boots go marching in Fest 2011 (Solo-Surakarta, Indonesia) Atomsmasher Fest 2011 (Dresden, Germany)                            Krach am Bach Fest 2011 (Prölsdorf, Germany) Outside Rodeo Fest 2011 (Coburg, Germany)                                Ifjusagi Jatekok Fest 2011 (Senta, Serbia) Punkaci Detom Fest 2011 (Piestany, Slovakia)                                Campus Festival 2011 (Debrecen, Hungary) Mercredis Musicaux 2011 (Quimperle, France)                                 Bielersee Fest 2011 (Vinelz, Switzerland) Fontaine Fest 2011 (Liepaja, Latvia)                                        Dzieje Sie Fest 2011 (Ropica Polska, Poland) UJZ Peine Fest 2004 + 2005 + 2010 (Peine, Germany)                  Burning Eight Festival 2010 (Woergl, Austria) Box Jubilee Festival 2010 (Davos, Switzerland)                                  Crusade Festival 2010 (Sillian, Austria) Punk Rebel Festival 2010 + 2011 (Podecely, Czech Rep)                         Anti Fest IX 2003 (Prague, Czech Rep) Endless Summer 2004 (Torgau, Germany)                                   Back to the future 2005 (Glaubitz, Germany) Sound of the Suburbs 2006 (Essen, Germany)                                    São Paulo Punk 2001 (São Paulo, Brazil) Vive le punk 2010 (Callac, France)                                     FCR Festival Antirazzista 2010 (Filottrano, Italy) Anfibio Rcds. Summer Fest 2010 (Cremona, Italy)        Music Festival Habes 2010 + 2011 (Strakonice, Czech Rep) All style Festival 2010 (Schwabisch Gmuend, Germany)        Hoffest Open Air Fest 2010 (Burglengenfeld, Germany) Fire and Flames Fest 2007 (Goettingen, Germany)                 Monteparadiso Festival 2003 + 2007 (Pula, Croatia) Antifa Day Fest 2006 + 2007 (Novi Sad, Serbia)                          AK 47 Festival 2007 (Duesseldorf, Germany) Esperanza Antifa Fest 2007 (Sch. Gmuend, Germany)                JuZ Goettingen Fest 2007 (Goettingen, Germany) Noise for ametyst Fest 2007 (Litvinov, Czech Rep)                   Fire and Flames Fest 2006 (Mannheim, Germany) Open Air Burgdorf 2006 (Burgdorf, Switzerland)                       Usti Festival 2006 (Usti nad Labem, Czech Rep) Punk Festival Part 9 2006 (Nantes, France)                                   Martinska Festival 2010 (Sibenik, Croatia) Arenapalooza 2005 (Vienna, Austria)                                           Sick Of Silence 2005 (Davos, Switzerland) Kamocsa Festival 2005 (Kamocsa, Slovakia)                                    Wanted Festival 2004 (Mezotur, Hungary) Wilwarin Festival 2004 (Kiel, Germany)                                   Eisenstätt Festival 2004 (Eisenstätt, Germany) Uj Hullam 2003 + 2004 (Györ, Hungary)                               Martin Open Air Festival 2004 (Martin, Slovakia) Woodrock Festival 2004 (Bludenz, Austria)                                            Cúneo Festival 2004 (Cúneo, Italy) Schwanden Festival 2004 (Schwanden, Switzerland)                            Rafanass Festival 2003 (Rovereto, Italy) Punk Island Fest 2003 (Bratislava, Slovakia)                          Free & and Easy Festival 2003 (Münich, Germany) COUNTRIES WHERE ARGIES HAVE PLAYED: Americas: Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Ecuador, Paraguay and Colombia Europe: Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Poland, Czech Rep, Croatia, France, Serbia, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Holland, Catalunia, Romania, Spain, Denmark, Lithuania, Portugal, Basque Country, Belgium, Latvia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Greece, Luxemburg, England, Scotland and Macedonia Asia: China & Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand -1328 international shows in 45 countries between 1996-2022 Argies played in festivals and special schools for children with Down Syndrome, participated in charity projects for homeless children and organized ecological walks to collect all kinds of man-produced residues in semi-wild areas OFFICIAL DISCOGRAPHY: 1996- "Historias & Corridas", Combative Records Argentina 1998- "A media asta", Combative Records Argentina & Vampyr Discos 2001- "La Frontera", Combative Records Argentina & Cabriten Panchen Discos 2002- "Great Combat Performances", Best of... Mad Butcher (Germany) & KOB Records (Italy) 2003- "Himnos de combate", Best of... Cochebomba Records (USA) 2003- "Fake Reaction", Feier Mettel (Germany) 2005- "Al límite de las utopías", Fire and Flames (Germany) 2007- "Lista Negra, historia de Argies", Best of... Oui Oui Records (Argentina) 2008- "Quien despierta", ANR Music & Fire & Flames (Germany), Anfibio Rcds. (Italy), Oui Oui Rcds. (Argentina) 2010- "Click Off", Anfibio Records (Italy), Speedrawk Records (Malaysia) 2012- “Don´t cry for me”, Drumming Monkey Records (Germany) 2013- “Bailando en mis Zapatos” Combative Records Internacional (Europe) 2014- "30 años en las Trincheras" - Combative Records International (Europe) 2015- "Siempre Alerta" Live álbum - Combative Records International (Europe) 2016- "Prost. Nazdrowie. Cheers" - Combative Records International (Europe) 2019- “Vida cara” - Combative Records International (Europe) 2020- “Volviéndose Ska” - Combative Records International (Europe) 2021- “Global Live” - Every Chord Counts (Germany) 2022- “Reset” - Combative Records International (Europe) Releases in Poland, Spain, Croatia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Malaysia, Chile, Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico, Venezuela and Colombia. Argies´ discography are distributed around the world, included countries like Japan, Russia, Australia and Southafrica. Also the band have participation in several international samplers Since their formation in 1984, Argies have stood out due to their libertarian poetry, the power of their music and the understanding and coherence of their political attitude. Even though their roots can be found in the British Punk from the seventies, nowadays their music witnesses influences from ska, reggae, dub and good part of rock’n’roll elements and Latin rhythms. Practicing a philosophy of "do it yourself" they have made a successful career while maintaining independence. The name "Argies" derives from the English pejorative term for "Argentinean" which was most popularly used by the British yellow press during the Falkland War in 1982. Far from being nationalists, their name connects the band, the members of which define themselves as internationalists, with debased minorities and marginalized people worldwide. By the mid nineties, Argies left their hometown Rosario and moved to Buenos Aires. Since then, playing more than 35 shows annually, they came to be known as one of the most frequently performing acts in town. Starting in 1999, the band has regularly played extended tours in South America and Europe. The Band functions like a collective of committed musicians all of which form part of the project for undetermined periods, entering and leaving Argies with the same liberty that also characterizes the work in the band and the way in which its members study and teach in joint efforts across their differences. Over the years, the band’s particular method of making music has made Argies a truly independent cultural movement.